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Responding to a Claim of Amazon Marketplace Trademark Infringement

As a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you may receive a claim of trademark infringement. Whether you sell your own goods or you’re a reseller of third-party products, you can face a claim of trademark infringement all the same. Such a claim may come through Amazon or directly to you from the claimant or an…
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Notice of Opposition – What Does it Mean for a Trademark Application?

What is a Notice of Opposition and What Does it Mean for a Trademark Application? A Notice of Opposition is an objection to the registration of a trademark. If the Opposition is sustained or if the applicant does not file a timely response, the trademark will not be registered. Who Can File a Trademark Opposition?…
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Trademark Registration USA, Cost and Steps

Can Non-USA Companies Apply for Trademark Registration in the USA? Why is USA Trademark Registration Helpful? Foreign companies and individuals can register trademarks in the USA. There are many benefits to Trademark Registration in the USA. They include exclusive use of the registered trademark for the goods/services identified in the registration. Trademark Registration in the…
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New Balance Gains Cache with Unusual Endorsement Agreement with Likely Future NBA Player, Darius Bazley

Brand Innovation and the Art of the Endorsement Agreement Rich Paul, an NBA agent who represents LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Anthony Davis, and John Wall, and a kind of brand innovation icon in his own right, said this about an endorsement agreement made by the maker of my favorite dad sneaker endorsement agreement: “New Balance…
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Trademark Strength – What is it and Why Does it Matter?

What is Trademark Strength and Why Does it Matter? How can a company own the commercial rights to a common abbreviation like LOL or a word like aloha? This was the question people asked when P&G filed for trademark registration of LOL, WTF, and FML for soaps this year. A Chicago company obtained registration for…
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