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Trademark Attorney Near Orange County, California

Trademark Attorney Near Orange County

Registering a trademark can increase the value of your business and protect your firm from competitors. Of course, you will need to ensure that your Federal trademark registration is accepted, which is not automatic. Trademark attorneys near Orange County can help with the process of trademark registration.

What is a trademark? 

A trademark can be a brand name, a slogan, a logo or even an image that’s associated with your business. Many companies choose to register a brand name so that competitors cannot begin trading with the same or a similar name. 

Like most areas of the law, the regulations governing intellectual property are complicated. In order to successfully register a brand name, logo, typography, slogan or imagery, you will need to complete a detailed trademark registration form. A trademark attorney near Orange County, California can help with this process.

Once you’ve submitted this form to the United States Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO), it will be scrutinized by a trademark examiner. If they find any errors or mistakes on your trademark application, it will be rejected automatically and be returned to you, and you may appeal or sometimes amend the application. 

Even if your application is completed correctly, you will still need to ensure that it is not rejected because of third-party objections. Before a Federal trademark registration is approved, third parties will have the opportunity to object to it. If another company believes your proposed trademark is too similar to theirs, for example, they may oppose your application. 

In addition to this, the trademark examiner will search the trademark database to determine whether there are any existing trademarks that are too similar to your proposed registration. If there are, your application to register a brand name will be rejected. 

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Registering a trademark with Hartmans Law

With so many pitfalls to avoid during the registration process, hiring a specialist trademark attorney can be the easiest way to get your trademark registered. At Hartmans Law, we routinely handle Federal trademark registrations and our clients enjoy a high rate of success from their initial applications. 

When you decide to register a trademark near Orange County with us, you will need to complete a simple form with some basic information. You will then have a consultation with one of our in-house trademark attorneys, which will enable us to gather the details we need to proceed with your application. 

We’ll then compile a comprehensive trademark application on your behalf and, if requested, we’ll conduct thorough clearance searches too. This provides information regarding existing registered trademarks and can help you identify whether your claim is likely to be opposed. If necessary, we’ll use our experience and expertise to ensure your proposed trademark doesn’t infringe upon any existing protected trademarks. 

As well as submitting your application for a trademark to the UPSTO, we’ll monitor the application and deal with any correspondence which arises from it. Once we receive your official trademark certificate, we’ll forward it to you straight away and notify you that your application has been successful. 

Legal advice near Orange County, California

Orange County is a popular residential and commercial location, and it is home to the corporate headquarters of many large companies. It is also the birthplace of many famous brands, including brands in fashion, sports, and hospitality. In addition, it’s also home to popular tourist attractions, including the famous Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland Park. 

With over three million residents in Orange County alone, it’s the third most populous area in California and one of the most highly populated countries in the United States. Indeed, the stunning scenery and a wide range of amenities highlight just why Orange County is such a popular place to live and work. 

The coastline of Orange County stretches over 40 miles and contains well-known beaches and resorts. Both Laguna Beach and Newport Beach are located within Orange County and the region is home to a number of popular coastal attractions. 

As well as a plethora of world-renowned restaurants, shops, and bars, Orange County is home to prestigious law offices, financial institutions, and corporate headquarters. With numerous thriving commercial districts throughout the county, many budding entrepreneurs are choosing to launch new tech, media, and video game companies in the area. 

Why register your trademark with Hartmans Law?

When you register a trademark, you will want to ensure you seek advice from a reputable and well-known law firm. At Hartmans Law, we specialize in intellectual property and corporate law, which means we’re well-placed to provide the specialist advice you need. 

Before preparing your application for Federal trademark registration in Orange County, CA, we’ll take the time to determine exactly which class or classes you need to apply for. This is linked to your business operations and any plans for future growth. With numerous classes to choose from, it’s essential that your trademark is registered in the relevant class for your firm.

You will have a dedicated intellectual property attorney assigned to your application, so you will deal with the same person throughout the entirety of your trademark registration. In addition to this, we’ll explore whether your business could benefit from international trademark registration, or whether state and/or federal registration is sufficient. As well as considering your existing business functions, we’ll help you consider how what level of intellectual property protection your business may need in the future. 

When you work with a trademark attorney to make your application for Federal trademark registration, you will also have the expert assistance you need should there be opposition to your submission. If a third party does attempt to oppose your proposed trademark in Orange County, we’ll have the information, skills and specialist knowledge to defend your application and protect your business. 

By registering a brand name, you can give your business the protection it needs. Our simple trademark registration process makes it easier than ever to obtain the intellectual property rights you need. To learn more or to start your trademark registration application now, contact Hartmans Law on (310) 954-8512.

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