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Trademark Attorney Near Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills Trademark Attorney

If you’re launching a business in or around Beverly Hills, you will need to think carefully about your branding. As well as reflecting your corporate identity and your products or services, your brand enables you to engage with your target market more effectively. Consider speaking with a Trademark Attorney near Beverly Hills, California.

However, protecting your brand is as important as creating the perfect identity. By applying for Federal trademark registration in Beverly Hills, you can successfully safeguard your company name, logo, typography, slogans and imagery. 

What is a trademark? 

A trademark is an intangible asset that is owned by your company or you, as an individual. Whilst your premises, stock, and equipment are tangible assets, your creative inventions, such as designs, catchphrases, and logos, are intangible. Although you can’t reach out and touch intangible assets, they are highly valuable and integral to your business success. Read more about trademarks.

Trademark registration protects your company’s branding and prevents competitors from usurping your brand identity. It’s common for companies to register a brand name as a trademark, but you can register product designs, slogans, colors, and audio clips. Many companies have multiple trademarks registered at any one time.

If you want to safeguard your business and your client base, protecting your intellectual property is vital. Fortunately, specialist trademark attorneys near Beverly Hills can provide all the advice and assistance you need. 

Register a trademark with Hartmans Law

At Hartmans Law, we make the process of registering a trademark as easy as possible. As specialist trademark attorneys, we understand just how confusing intellectual property law can be. Instead of spending months trawling through legal guidance notes and case law, why not use our simple trademark registration process and contact a trademark attorney near Beverly Hills, California?

Simply complete our straightforward online form and we’ll arrange for you to have a consultation with our experienced in-house trademark attorney. After discussing your requirements and finding out a little more about your business, we can begin preparing your application for trademark registration in Beverly Hills, CA. 

If you’re unsure which trademark class you need to register in, we’ll be on hand to provide the advice and information you need. As the appropriate trademark class depends on your business activities and future growth plans, having tailormade legal advice is invaluable. 

If requested, we’ll also undertake detailed clearance searches to confirm there are no registered trademarks that are likely to have a negative impact on your application for trademark registration in Beverly Hills, California. This ensures the registration process goes more smoothly and minimizes the risk of opposition to your application. 

Our dedicated team will submit and monitor your application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have. With your trademark successfully registered, we’ll send your trademark certification directly to you and inform you that your intellectual property is now protected by trademark.

Seeking legal advice near Beverly Hills, California

Possibly the most famous city in Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills is well-known around the world. Famed for its luxurious shopping environment, exquisite couture from every designer can be found on the streets of Rodeo Drive and throughout the Golden Triangle. 

In addition to being a shopper’s paradise, Beverly Hills is known for its high-profile residents. Home to world-famous movie stars, television personalities, and iconic celebrities, taking a stroll through Beverly Hills is akin to jumping into the pages of your favorite celeb magazine. Filled with opulent estates, luxurious hotels, and stretch limousines, Beverly Hills combines decadence with sophistication at every turn.

With extensive cultural attractions, there’s plenty to do in the City too. The Paley Center for Media is situated on North Beverly Drive and routinely hosts screenings and panels with tv stars past and present. For film lovers, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a must-visit attraction. The museum provides a rare glimpse into movie history, whilst the year-round events offer you the opportunity to experience once-in-a-lifetime screenings, interviews, and summits.

If you want to escape the hubbub of the City, Beverly Hills Park is the ultimate place to relax. Wander through the perfectly manicured Rose Garden and Cactus Garden before experiencing the Doheny Fountain and the Wilshire Electric Fountain. With sculptures and artwork dotted throughout the Park, you will get an unrivaled look at the City’s culture too.  Of course, no visit to the Park would be complete without a picture in front of the iconic, illuminated Beverly Hills sign. 

Choose Hartmans Law to register your trademark

When you’re looking for any type of legal advice or legal services, it’s important to find attorneys you can trust. At Hartmans Law, we’re proud to be recognized as specialists in corporate and intellectual property law. When you’re registering a brand name, opposing a trademark application or expanding into new trademark classes, we can provide the advice, support, and representation you require. 

Unlike many other trademark companies, we are an established law firm, specializing in intellectual property. Your application will be handled entirely by a qualified trademark attorney near Beverly Hills, CA so you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible.

At Hartmans we make it our business to protect your business. We can cut through the legal jargon and tell you what you need to know in order to safeguard your company. We routinely work with clients across a variety of industries and are committed to providing the very best service. 

Whether you’re launching a new firm, rebranding an existing business or looking for franchise opportunities, our trademark registration process makes it easy to get the legal protection you need. To find out more about protecting your business with trademark registrations in Beverly Hills, contact Hartmans Law now on (310) 954-8512.

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