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No matter what industry you’re operating in, it’s important to protect your brand. Companies spend millions creating and developing a brand identity, so it’s crucial you safeguard it. By registering a trademark in Century City, you can stop other businesses from using your intellectual property or imitating your company. Speak with a trademark attorney near Century City to get started.

This protection enables your firm to operate on its good name, without the risk of less scrupulous firms attempting to trade-off of your hard-earned goodwill. Furthermore, when your company has the appropriate trademark registrations, your customers and clients can be confident that they’re dealing with the best in the business. 

What is a trademark? 

Intellectual property can be difficult to define but, essentially, it refers to intangible creations. Often used in business, these can be brand names, slogans, images, logos, typography, sounds, and even custom-made colors. Read more about trademarks.

A trademark is just one type of intellectual property, although it’s probably the most commonly used in a business environment. Patents, trade dress, and copyrights are also widely used but it is Federal trademark registration that can provide effective protection for your brand identity. 

When you register a trademark, you’re able to add the trademark symbol to the relevant brand name, image, logo or protected phrase. This signifies that the particular design, name or slogan has been trademarked and warns other companies and individuals that they must not infringe upon it. 

As well as preventing other firms from using your exact name or logo, a registered trademark in Century City also stops them from using anything which is deemed to be too similar to your trademark. This is particularly important as competitors may try to emulate your firm using similar branding. With the right intellectual property protection, you can protect your brand and your position in the marketplace.

How can you register a trademark with Hartmans Law? 

 If you’ve decided to register a brand name, you may already know just how complicated the process can be. As well as specifying your proposed trademark and company information, you will also need to select the trademark classes you want to register in. This will be dependent on your business activities and requires careful consideration. Due to the complexities involved, the United States Patent and Trademark Office itself recommends that applicants seek advice from a trademark attorney near Century City before applying to register a trademark.

At Hartmans Law, we make it easy and straightforward to submit an application for trademark registration in Century City, California. Once you’ve supplied us with your business information and proposed trademark, we’ll determine which trademark classes are most relevant to your business. In addition, we can undertake detailed clearance searches to confirm there are no similar trademarks already registered. This gives your trademark application a far better chance of being successful and can remove the possibility of your application being denied. 

As well as preparing and submitting your trademark registration to the USPTO, our in-house trademark attorneys will monitor your application and deal with any issues which may arise. Our extensive experience ensures we’re able to prepare your application in accordance with the relevant legislation in order to avoid opposition from any third parties or trademark examiners. 

Protecting your business in Century City, California

Home to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Century City is a thriving commercial and residential area in Los Angeles. Adjacent to Fox Studios, the City is also home to a number of galleries, museums and exhibition spaces.

Westfield, Century City is one of the most popular shopping facilities in the area. Spanning a staggering 1.3 million square feet, the shopping mall is home to beauty, fashion, home, lifestyle and food stores, and routinely attracts tourists, visitors, and local residents. 

With numerous upscale restaurants situated in the City, as well as inside the Westfield complex itself, there is a thriving nightlife in the region. From corporate dinners and after-work drinks to fun-filled evenings in one of the City’s many bars or clubs; there is plenty to keep you entertained in this part of LA. 

Of course, the thriving business district of Century City ensures that many up and coming entrepreneurs are drawn to the area. Whilst its close proximity to Fox Studios ensures that many entertainment firms are situated in Century City, there are a wide variety of businesses springing up across the City’s streets. 

With a well-established business network, Century City is the perfect location for many new and growing enterprises. Offering unparalleled networking opportunities and a wide range of professional support services, it’s not surprising that many businesses choose to base themselves in Century City, California.  

Why choose Hartmans Law?

For businesses in and around Century City, finding an intellectual property law firm you can trust is vital. By working with specialist trademark attorneys, you can protect your company’s intangible assets, as well as your tangible assets, such as your premises, stock, vehicles, and equipment. 

As recognized experts in intellectual property law, we’re well-placed to provide your firm with the specialist advice you need. What’s more – we offer affordable legal advice and fixed fee trademark registration packages, so you stay in control at all times. 

When you register a brand name, slogan, image or sound clip as a trademark with Hartmans Law, you can save yourself a significant amount of time and funds. If you attempt to make a trademark application in Century City, CA, without seeking legal advice, there’s a good chance your application will be denied. Of course, you won’t receive a refund on the application fees if this is the case. While you will be permitted to make a subsequent application, this means you will have to re-evaluate your application and evidence, and sometimes start the process of applying to register a brand all over again. 

By working with our specialist trademark attorneys near Century City, you can make a successful application on your initial attempt and minimize the waiting times involved. To protect your business with trademark registration, contact Hartmans Law now on (310) 954-8512.

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