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Trademark Specimens

Trademark Specimens

This page explains what makes an acceptable specimen for a trademark application.

Trademarks” are a name or designation used to distinguish the source of goods. A “service mark” is the same thing but for services. The word “trademark” is often used interchangeably with “service mark.”

For service mark specimens, read here.

Service marks and trademarks have different specimen requirements.

Is my application for goods or services, or both?

Classes for Goods: 1-34

Classes for Services: 35-45

Use of a Trademark

A trademark is generally used either on goods or on a display at a point of sale. A point of sale can be a website, storefront, or a print catalog with order information.

Examples of acceptable specimens for trademarks

On the Goods Themselves

Pfaltzgraff Specimen


Tm Specimen C
Trademark label specimen



Deer Park SpecimenColgate Plus Specimen

Point of Sale Website

Point of sale website specimen
Point of sale website specimen
Point of sale website specimen

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