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Eric Eagle Hartmans Is a US-Licensed Trademark Attorney

Photo Eric Eagle HartmansUS Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) regulations specify that only an attorney who is an active member in good standing of the bar of the highest court of any U.S. state or territory, a US-licensed trademark attorney, can represent you in a trademark application, registration, or TTAB proceeding at the USPTO.

US Trademark Attorney Eric Eagle Hartmans is a US-licensed counsel qualified to represent non-US trademark owners who wish to apply for US trademark registration or who need to respond to an Office Action for a WIPO trademark application.

Trademark Services and Fixed Fees

Basic Package

  • Attorney Consultation
  • Prepare, file, and monitor a new USPTO trademark application
  • Serve as US attorney of record and receive correspondence
  • USPTO clearance search

Standard Package

  • Attorney Consultation
  • Prepare, file, and monitor a new USPTO trademark application
  • Serve as US attorney of record and receive correspondence
  • USPTO clearance search

Office Action Response

  • US-Licensed Counsel Qualified to Respond to Office Action
  • Respond to office actions regarding amendment of goods/services, additional of disclaimers
  • Respond to 2(d) likelihood of confusion and/or descriptiveness refusals
  • Submit the serial number of the application for a free estimate, which will be provided within 24 hours.

*Fixed Fees Above Do Not Include Government Filing Fees
**Additional Terms and Conditions Apply
***Read About Trademark Searches


Trademark FAQs

Are your attorneys in good standing
of the bar of the highest court of any U.S. state or territory?

YES. Our attorneys are licensed and in good standing with the State Bar of California.

What is the US trademark application process?

After a trademark application is filed, a USPTO trademark attorney examins it to determine if it meets certain criteria. The application can be drafted in a way to maximize the chances of being approved by the USPTO.

If approved, the application is then published online and third-parties have an opportunity to object to the trademark’s registration. If no objection is filed, or if the objection is not sustained, then a trademark registration certificate is issued by the USPTO and mailed to the attorney, which is forwarded to the client with future deadlines and information regarding enforcement.

What are the filing fees?

US trademark filing fees depend on 1) the number of classes applied for and 2) whether the USPTO has pre-approved your goods and services. To learn more about the classification of goods and services, read our blog post on trademark classes.

What do I need for Amazon Brand Registry and how long will it take?

A USPTO trademark registration is required for Amazon Brand Registry. To learn more about the requirements for the Amazon Brand Registry, read our blog post on the Amazon Brand Registry.

How long does until I receive my trademark registration certificate
and registration number?

It typically takes a minimum of 7 months for a trademark application to mature into a registration, but it may take 24 months or more.



“I have been working with Eric for a few years now and he has never failed to make time or provide the best legal advice for each situation. He goes above and beyond in not only his legal advise but also in giving valuable feedback as to what approach is best for my company. I feel confident and comfortable in everything he guides us with.”

Adrian Suran, Co-Founder of Avento Technologies

“Got crystal clear advice from Eric that gave me confidence, and immediately solved all issues.”

Celso De Melo, Artificial Intelligence Developer

Eagle (Eric) is great to work with. He is efficient, knowledgeable and very responsive. He helped us with an acquisition and I could not be happier with the service I received. I would/will use him again.

William Traenkle, Consultant

Eric communicates trademark language well, gets the job done on time and easy to work with. I would suggest hiring him.

KeilyN.D, Musician

“Tremendously professional and helpful. Very positive experience. Highly recommended.”

Patricia De Middel

I needed some Trade Mark help in the USA. We operate in Sydney, Australia and got lucky enough to find Hartmas Law. They got the job done for us…I highly recommend them.

Mark Norman

Efficient, effective and provides frequent updates. Very happy with Trademark service.

Walid Khalil

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