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Joel M. Fogelson

Joel Fogelson

Joel Fogelson advises clients regarding the development of their businesses and intellectual property portfolios. Joel advises clients on developing their patent portfolios, brands, copyrights, software creations, and trade secrets.

Joel’s clientele spans from emerging indie creator companies seeking brand protection to established entities seeking to optimize their intellectual property assets for acquisition. Joel also specializes in addressing the complexities of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of intellectual property creation, offering insightful counsel to navigate this evolving landscape.

Joel draws from a rich background as a 17-year in-house patent attorney for the multinational creative services and technology company Technicolor SA (now Vantiva SA, formerly Thomson SA and RCA. Leveraging this experience, Joel served as the CEO of Avento Technologies, a healthcare company, leading its acquisition by a prominent healthcare software company. He co-founded and advised several companies within the creative sphere, which later achieved successful exits. Joel also previously served as Intellectual Property Counsel to a video game streaming platform.

Joel lives with his Pomsky, Snowy, in Flagstaff, AZ.

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